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About Us

About Us

Fenice e.v.s. ( electric vehicles solutions) is the fruit of Kavin Njah's enterprise.

As a sergeant of the United States Army, Kavin’s military training has given him the edge through self-discipline and critical skills exercise. Possessing an infinite repertoire of ingenuity and proven craftsmanship

Ten years ago Kavin became passionate about the DIY world to the point of transforming a classic car into an electric vehicle right in his garage. With a passion for energy sustainability in all its forms, Kavin restored and transformed a vehicle with 18650 cells recovered from decommissioned computers. Forged through sacrifice, missions in the theaters of war, Kavin set out to contribute his ideas and his passion to bring something useful in the world, to be able to say one day,  “My sacrifice was worth it”. 

Kavin lives by the doctrine that when you create, transform, recycle, that gesture is in fact, extraordinary, when you help improve someone’s life, no matter how big or small. As a result, he is the recipient of many awards and has been invited to speak at universities, Kavin fondly looks back at this as some of the most fulfilling achievements.


Fenice e.v.s LLC is based in the United States, California, we are a company that offers the possibility to convert any means of transport into electrical, or build it from new, build portable energy accumulators, and support small DIY projects to guide you in the realization of your ideas in the world of technology.

Enter my world and you will discover that you don’t throw anything away, especially ideas, because from them sometimes something wonderful is born, even reborn!

I'm up for a challenge, are you?